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"My journey, as it turns out, has only just begun!"

On a scorching summer day a few years ago, I absentmindedly grabbed a book from my never-ending stack of unread books and headed poolside. Unbeknownst to me, God was about to change my life in a way I never could have imagined.

The book was The Second Greatest Story Ever Told and it compellingly tied together the bits and pieces I had learned about St. Faustina, St. John Paul II, and Divine Mercy. Not meant to be strictly informational, however, the book was a call to action - the story of St. John Paul II’s pontificate “was meant to bring us into the story itself and inspire us to make it our own.” (pg. 193) As I closed the cover of that book, I gave my wholehearted yes to that call, having no idea where it was to lead me.

I could share with you the many experiences of how Divine Mercy has weaved its story into the story of my own life since that day, but the most extraordinary of them all, by far, has been through the image itself. The painting of the Merciful Jesus and its story, told beautifully through the ​documentary, The ​Original Image of Divine Mercy​, ​are both truly miraculous. And if you ever have the privilege, as I did, of meeting Daniel DiSilva, the Director of the film, that story will only intrigue and captivate you all the more.

God has set me on an almost insatiable quest to learn everything I can about Divine Mercy since that summer by the pool. I’ve gained a lot of head knowledge in my searching, but God knew what I, and the world, would need most - His Merciful ​I​mage. I’ve spent many an hour in front of that image, and I know there is more to be learned there than anywhere else I might search. For it is there in His gaze that He transforms the heart and gives the grace we need to go out and live lives of mercy in a world that so desperately needs it.  

My journey ​as it turns out has only just begun. ​This month I will travel to Vilnius, the City of Mercy, where St. Faustina lived ​during the mystical ​portion of her ​life and the home of ​The Original Image​ of Divine Mercy​. It’s a trip I never could have foreseen, but it is fitting He has called me there.

“We know we all have visions we wish that we could swim in... if there are only visions, I want to see the real thing... to see you as you are.” (As You Are, Judd and Maggie)

- Lynette B
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